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My name is Sara and I'm from Europe. I compete in showjumping,own a horse Grim. My likes are hockey,figure skating,equestrian sport...and food. My favourite team in NHL is LA Kings. But my favourite player is Jamie Benn :$
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~ Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest.

Probably my favorite quote from all the PotC movies! Love it!!   

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One word love: curiosity. You long for freedom. You long to do what you want to do because you want it. To act on selfish impulse. You want to see what it’s like. One day you won’t be able to resist…


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There’s not much he can’t do for a guy as big as he is," Seguin said. "I mean, I consider myself a fast player but Jamie has never been behind me. He can shoot, score, hit and fight, so he’s pretty much as complete a player as you’ll ever see.


Olivier Philippearts and Carlito C winning the Akita Drilling Parcours de Chasse at the Spruce Meadows “Masters”

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What the boys were up to in Frisco, TX today.




Pénélope Leprevost and daughter Eden [X]


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The Philippaerts family walking the course of the ‘Sires of the World’ final yesterday.
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